A Tale Of Blacks & Whites – Ep.06 Is it a date?

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Lisa: It was a nice evening.
Andrew: Yeah, terrific.
Lisa: Listen… you don’t have to buy flowers every week to talk to me. You can just pass by if you wish. I have a little coffee machine in my shop, if you don’t mind.
Andrew: No! I mean: yes of course I will have a coffee with you… I meant “no, I don’t mind” about the coffee machine… I just want to spend some time with you.
Lisa: You are so cute… and now your face is burning red. Now I understand why Teresa likes you so much as a valuable friend. I think it’s the same for you.
Andrew: Oh.. yes definitely.
Lisa: Speaking of which… why Teresa was hiding you from me?
Andrew: I really don’t know.
Lisa: Mmm… I think she may be in love with you and she was scared about my opinion… eh eh eh…
Andrew: Ehm…

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