A Tale of Blacks & Whites – Ep.02 Best friends

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Charlene: Why that sad face?
Andrew: Hello Charlene, thank you for coming.
Charlene: What happened?
Andrew: I think I am a coward.
Charlene: Don’t ever say that. You are the most awesome guy I’ve ever known.
Andrew: She didn’t even notice I was there.
Charlene: Are you listening to me or just having one of your monologues?
Andrew: I even bought her those flowers…
Charlene: Ok. Monologue. Can I take the flowers?
Andrew: …
Teresa: so, how was it?
Lisa: how was… what?
Teresa: come on, don’t be shy! I know “he” was going to pass by today.
Lisa: oh.. ehm… it was… terrific!
Teresa: great!
Lisa: He is handsome. He is smart. He is amusing…
Teresa: Wow!
Lisa: …and he loves ballet!
Teresa: I couldn’t imagine Andrew loved ballet!
Lisa: Andrew? His name’s Eric. Who’s Andrew?
Teresa: …