A Tale of Blacks & Whites – Ep.01 The bouquet

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Last week, like every week, Andrew went to Lisa’s shop. She is a florist. He almost says nothing; He just asks for a bouquet, then pays and gets out.

She does not seem to get he is there for the most beautiful flower, which is not for sale.

That time should have been different. Andrew is timid, however he was ready to ask her out. No waste of words, only: “those flowers are for you, actually. Would you like to have a coffee or something… sometimes?”. He tried that sentence many times in front of the mirror.


He bought the greatest bouquet ever. She did not notice. Lisa simply wrapped it in big piece of sheet because it was windy and cold outside.

Andrew would have said something. Lisa was talking and laughing with someone else. His name was Eric. She never seemed so delighted. He did not interrupt. He just paid and got out.

He did not even put his jacket on.

It was freezing.

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